What kinds of locks can a locksmith work on?

What kinds of locks can a locksmith work on?

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There are many different types of locks from old relics that are sturdy and secure, to sleek and modern pin tumbler cylinders which are complex enough to keep your home secure for years. The only thing is that it’s invariable that at some point the lock will give in, the key will wear down, or you will lose it altogether. When this happens, most locks can be removed and taken to a locksmith or master locksmith, or if the lock can’t be removed you can call one out to come and have a look.What kinds of locks can a locksmith work on?

How does the lock fit?

Rimlocks are some of the most common, and are the kind where the mechanism fits into the door, and a face can be put over the mechanism so that it is not exposed. If the locking mechanism breaks, the entire unit can be slipped out and maintained or inspected with relative ease by anyone with a screwdriver, but only if the door can be opened, so it is still secure.

Mortice locks on the other hand are fitted to the door or gate once a specifically sized hole has been cut out of it to allow the lock to fit. For locks of these types, simply removing them can’t be done, so you would need to call for a residential locksmith to come and have a look for you.

It is the inside that counts

There is a variety of key mechanisms that fit into locks that differ in quality, functions and security.

Sliding latch bolts can be pushed in by applying pressure at the end to secure it. Generally these mechanisms are fairly simple in design and can be maintained with care. Some of the more complicated designs, like those with springs may require professional locksmith services to maintain or fix.

Door deadlocks have a bolt that requires a key to turn and secure. Once it is latched it cannot be forced without breaking the lock itself, and so when these give trouble, you may want to opt for an emergency lockout service to have a look.

Locks that use ward mechanisms require keys that work around obstructions within the mechanism to open it. These are very sturdy options that come in a variety of different types like pin tumbler cylinders or bolts which are very popular designs and can be seen to by just about any locksmith.

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