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How can I reinforce the security of sliding doors?

You must make sure the sliding door locks work fine and their latch enters the little hole at the other door. If you want to reinforce further the security of the doors, install vertical rods which will secure each door at the upper side but also on the floor. If you want to avoid security issues, make sure the glass panels are durable and our experts also suggest ensuring the doors lock well.

How do I know my door locks are installed correctly?

New door locks must secure the entrance. The key must move smoothly and so must the latch. The bolt must enter the strike plate with ease and you won't see any gaps between the door and the jamb. If you want to be sure, check that the bolt of your security door lock is aligned with the strike's hole by keeping the door slightly open.

Can one key be made to work on different locks?

Yes, one key can be made to work on as many locks as you wish, even at different locations, such as your home and office. Many of our customers who have an office located away from their home, will ask us to make a master key for both locations. We can also make a different key for the rest of your family that will not work at your office, making it more secure in case of a loss.

Why should I get a deadbolt for my door? I already have a lock on the handle

A lock on a door knob or handle shouldn’t lull you into a false sense of security. The locking mechanism is usually a standard spring bolt, which is easy to break with a bit of force or a tool such as a crowbar. Deadbolts are relatively inexpensive and effective in resisting break-in by force. They’re made of one or two cylinders of hardened steel that can only be opened by turning a key.

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